Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I Hate Being A Poor Student...

I put a few outfits together that I would most definitely be wearing, if I had unlimited amounts of money to spend on clothes... imagine.  Oh, how I hate being a poor student.

Crochet Top - Topshop | Tartan Jeans - River Island | Lace Bralet - New Look | Backpack - Choies | Boots - Pretty Little Thing | Chokers - eBay

How dreamy are those tartan jeans.  They would be oh so perfect for AW.  It pains me that I have to resist buying them.

Midi Dress - Miss Selfridge | Crop Top - River Island | Flatform Loafers - Office | Diamond Socks - Topshop | Sunglasses - Rayban

 I love the moon.  I'm yet too own a moon tee in my much too large collection of tee's, why is this?!  I really like layering baggy crop tops over bodycon dresses.  The top cuts off just at the waist, and it looks seriously flattering.
Metallica Tee - Topshop | Denim Mom Shorts - Topshop | Lace Kimono - Topshop | Chunky Chelsea Boots - Office | Floppy Fedora - Topshop | Chain Necklace - Accessorize

Every time I find myself in Topshop, this Metallica tee is sitting there, looking all perfect on it's hanger, just asking to be bought.  If only I could afford you, Metallica tee.  The chunky chelsea boots are also half price on the Office website... do I dare?

Monday, 18 August 2014

The Average Girl's Guide To Festival Style | Panther Girl

If you didn't catch last weeks post in my festival series, click here to have a little look.

I remember the first festival I ever attended.  Reading 2011, baby.  It was a good'un.  I saw the likes of Muse, Pulp, Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance (amongst others), who were my fave band at the time.  I still have a wall plastered with Gerard Way's face in my room, which I'm not complaining about!  

My first festival also meant my first real taste of festival fashion.  It returns every summer, and this year coming back stronger than most.  The popularity of the style is so widespread.  From avid festival goer's, to those who much prefer the luxury of a shower and a clean toilet, everyone seems to be taking part.  The style incorporates boho elements from the hippie movement of the 60's.  England's own little twist revolves around wellies and Dr Martens to deal with the lovely mud-filled festivals we hold, courtesy of none other than... the rain.  Boo.

So in the spirit of it's return, every Monday up until I attend Bestival in September, I am going to be posting an outfit that I deem 'festivally enough' to venture into the world of camping, alcohol and live music.

Crochet Top - Urban Outfitters (Old)
Panther Tee - Topshop (Old)
Shorts - eBay
Boots - Dr Martens
Necklace - Primark

Gone back to basics, with the classic shorts, tee & boots festival look.  That's the way to go though, you wanna be comfy, right?  But also, still look pretty cool.  So, just throw on your most ripped and messed up pair of shorts and tuck in your fave sleeveless tee.  Simples.

I added a beaded statement necklace to get some oh so boho vibes going, wearing red lipstick and nail polish to match the pop of red.  How coordinated of me.  The long sleeved crochet top is perfect for when it gets a little chillier, just to chuck on over the top.  The large knit looks so beautifully delicate over the skin, which I love, and shows teeny tiny hints of that scary-ass panther on my tee.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

The 30 Second Smokey Eye

I can't be the only one who manages to end up with a mess of eye shadow, smeared way higher than the 'acceptable' height of smokiness.  When I say "the acceptable height", I mean not looking like a queen of all the goths wannabe, or like I belong in fishnets and thigh high stiletto boots, on the corner of an extremely questionable street.  You catch my drift?

Let's all have a look at the barely touched black shade in my Naked 2 palette, which definitely represents my chronic fear of black eye shadow.  Kind of ironic seeing as my forte is thick black eyeliner.  Sorry Blackout, nothing personal.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette | Shades used: Snakebite - Base Colour | Blackout - Smokey Effect

Lucky for me (and all of you, who struggle with a smokey eye), I've discover a life-changing (yes, I said life-changing, that is how good it is!) technique, so even those of us who fail miserably at making our eyes look all mysterious and whatnot, now have an open door into the world of the smokey eye.

Start off by giving your eyelid a coat of your base shade.  I went with Snakebite which, when blended with Blackout, creates a beautiful silver toned shade.

Here's the fun (and slightly fiddly) part; using an angled eye shadow brush, draw a hash tag symbol (using a darker shade, it doesn't have to be black) onto the outer edge of your eyelid.  Make it as messy as you want, as you're going to be using your fluffiest brush to blend the hash tag in a circular motion, into the base shade.  It will naturally create the smokey shape - I don't know how, it's magic!

To finish off the smokey look, I brought the black down underneath my bottom lid, just in the outer corner.

Friday, 15 August 2014

8 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Catch my previous post revealing my deepest and darkest makeup hacks?  I decided to do a little follow up, and let you all in on my top beauty tips and tricks in general.  Enjoy!
  1. GIVE YOUR SKIN A GOOD CLEANSE: My mamma always told me that the best way to wash my face was to open up my pores with warm water, then rinse with cold, y'know, to close them back up.  For an even deeper cleanse we can take this one step further, by soaking a cloth in hot water (as hot as you can stand), and leaving it on your face for ten minutes.  Cleanse like normal and then rinse with cold water.
  2. LIPSTICK ON YOUR TEETH NO MORE: If you're like me and somehow always end up with more lipstick on your teeth than on your lips, this little trick will change your life.  No more giving someone your cheeriest smile, then 5 minutes later realizing all you were doing was showing off your lovely red front teeth.  Sexy.  After you've smothered your lips in your fave shade, pop your finger in your mouth and pull it out slowly.  The lipstick that would've ended up all over your teeth is now safely out of the way, on your finger. 
  3. HAVE YOU BEEN APPLYING YOUR MOISTURIZER WRONG?: I've recently been enlightened on a much more effective way of slapping ya moisturizer on that face of yours.  No rubbing, just patting.  Rubbing it in doesn't actually rub it in.  Confused?  Well, rubbing actually kind of takes it off of your skin and disperses in all different places.  Patting on the other hand, in will let your skin happily drink it all up.
  4. FINALLY FREE OF BLACKHEADS: Blackheads are the bane of all our lives.  None of us really have the patience to stand in front of the mirror squeezing them all out, just for them to make a vengeful return the next day.  A quick and effective way to rid your face of blackheads is to steam your face for 5 minutes and exfoliate straight away after.
  5. TOOTH WHITENING FOR POOR PEOPLE: We all long for pearly whites, but really, how many of us can afford (or even be bothered) to undertake expensive whitening treatments.  Plus, they're a bit scary, right?  I'm sure you will have some baking powder, hiding away in one of your kitchen cupboards?  Dig it out, sprinkle some on your toothpaste, and be prepared for the polish of your life.  Baking powder is effective at removing stains, however make sure you have rinsed it away properly afterwards!
  6. PERFUME THAT LASTS FOREVER: Am I right in saying that we all want our perfume to last longer?  Yes?  Vaseline may just be your solution.  Intrigued?  Vaseline will hold the fragrance on your skin for longer, so just Vaseline yourself up before you spritz!
  7. A LITTLE BOBBY PIN TRICK: Did you know that the ridged side of the bobby pin is meant to face downwards?  It will hold your hair a lot better!  Strange how most of us use them the wrong way round!
  8. ANOTHER LITTLE BOBBY PIN TRICK: And if your bobby pins are still sliding out, spray then with some hairspray or dry shampoo.  They will hold a lot better. 
I want to know all of your beauty hacks!  Let me know in the comments.