Sunday, 31 August 2014


Fedora - H&M
Lee Denim Jacket - Vintage eBay
White Shirt - Topshop
Boots - eBay
Bag - Depop
Chokers - eBay
Skull Necklace - Flea Market NYC

I had a teeny tiny blogging break, anyone notice?  Probably not.  It was unplanned, I have just been super duper busy since Thursday.  God knows how I will manage when I start my third year of uni; I am the worst person for time management.  Someone teach me! 

But today, I am back.  Back with vengeance, alongside my trusty denim jacket.  This oversized baby has seen me through the toughest of weather, to the brightest of days and after it all, I can still say it is one of my favourite eBay finds.  Ever.  The badge makes it just that little bit more unique, and I don't believe I paid more than a tenner.  What a barg.  I'm tempted to add more badges.

I featured these boots in a couple of previous posts, and here they are again, back out in all their glory.  Patent, croc print, cut out boots; what more could a girl (I say girl, I mean me) want?  I do wish they were a little more chunkier, but what can you expect for £13?  Oh, and please ignore the bruise.  I may or may not have drunkenly fallen up some stairs... Classy, I know.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Got Ma Slip-On's On

Fedora - H&M
Chokers - eBay
Skull Necklace - Flea Market In NYC
Shirt/Kimono - eBay
Pink Floyd Tee - NYC
Lace Shorts - eBay
Slip-On's - Topshop

I know what your gonna say - "Alice, but you wore that shirt in your last outfit post".  That I did, that I did.  I'm finding it perfect to throw on as a little cover up, now the weather has taken a turn for the chilly.  The kimono sleeves and pretty darn interesting pattern manage to spice up any old outfit.

Wearing the classic Topshop slip on's because everyone seems to have a pair, and apparently I got too jealous not invest in some myself.  Although, I don't quite understand the blog posts that say they are comfy, because let me tell you, these ain't comfy.  The breaking in has been one long,  painful process, but we are getting there.  One day we'll make it, me and my slip on's.

Monday, 25 August 2014

The Average Girl's Guide To Festival Style | The Shirt Dress

If you didn't catch last weeks post in my festival series, click here to have a little look.

I remember the first festival I ever attended.  Reading 2011, baby.  It was a good'un.  I saw the likes of Muse, Pulp, Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance (amongst others), who were my fave band at the time.  I still have a wall plastered with Gerard Way's face in my room, which I'm not complaining about!  

My first festival also meant my first real taste of festival fashion.  It returns every summer, and this year coming back stronger than most.  The popularity of the style is so widespread.  From avid festival goer's, to those who much prefer the luxury of a shower and a clean toilet, everyone seems to be taking part.  The style incorporates boho elements from the hippie movement of the 60's.  England's own little twist revolves around wellies and Dr Martens to deal with the lovely mud-filled festivals we hold, courtesy of none other than... the rain.  Boo.

So in the spirit of it's return, every Monday up until I attend Bestival in September, I am going to be posting an outfit that I deem 'festivally enough' to venture into the world of camping, alcohol and live music.

Shirt Dress - eBay
Boots - Dr Martens
Choker - eBay
Necklace - Primark (Old)
Flower Clips - H&M

The good old shirt dress.  So easy to wear, so comfy, and so perfect for a festival.  I'm sure I have mentioned this before, but I am all about the comfort at festivals, and a gigantic shirt definitely caters to that.  The flared kimono-like sleeves and unique print make it stand out against all the other shirt dresses of the world.  Sorry other shirt dresses, this shirt dress wins at it's shirty life.

I just bunged half my hair up in a bun, because, let's face it, when having festival fun, who wants to be faffing with complicated hairstyles or having a face full of hair all day?  Added some flower clips, to festivalize my head a bit.  They are actually black flower clips as too much colour scares me (she says, currently typing with lilac locks falling around her face...).

Gone down the socks and docs route today, nice little combo right there.  I actually bought some bright blue zebra socks from Primark recently (click to check them out on my Instagram), that I wanted to pair with the docs.  I can't.  They aren't long enough to be seen.  Goddammit Primark, make your zebra socks longer!!!

Seeing as festival season is pretty much over, this post is actually the last in my festival series.  I do  like to think I saved the best till last, I am pretty attached to this shirt dress at the moment!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

In Between Hair Washes | How To Keep That First Day Hair

I hate washing my hair.  I really hate washing my hair.  I can go three to four days before I break and have to face washing it.  Oh, but how I love that first day hair.  The silkiness, the softness, the shininess.  And not forgetting the texture.  This makes it very important to have some trusty products on hand, to keep the beautiful first day hair for as long as possible.  

So here it is, my army of 'first day hair' hair products:

Rise 'n Shine Hairspray - got2b | Beach Matt Salt Spray - got2b | Dry Remedy Oil - Aveda | Dry Shampoo - Batiste

Step 1: Dry Shampoo The Greasy Away by using everyone's favourite dry shampoo; Batiste.  The day after washing, I usually just spritz some on my fringe, here and there.  The next day my roots get a dose of Batiste, trying to use as little as possible as it tends to take the shine away.  Annoying.  Who agrees that there needs to be a dry shampoo invented that adds shine to our hair?

Step 2: Get Oily too put back some of that shine, that was taken away in the last step by our lovely Batiste (I love you really Batiste).  And to get rid of that dreaded frizz.  I have been using this teeny tiny Aveda dry remedy sample.  It smells amazing, I'll tell that much.  A few drops ruffled on the ends to make them look less dry.

Step 3: Salt Spray On Some Mermaid Waves.  After the first day wash, my hair can get very limp and textureless, as I am sure is the same for many of you.  This stuff is magic in a bottle.  A few spritzes all over, with a little scrunching, brings my curls back to life.  And did I mention that it smells divine?

Step 4: Hold It All In Place using your fave hairspray.  I'm loving the Rise 'n Shine by got2b at the mo.  It claims to add shine a volume.  Not quite sure about the shine, but I am loving the volume it gives.  I scrunch tiny spritz into my curls, which emphasizes them even more.  Yay for texture!

And that is how I keep my hair looking shiny and full of life in between washes.  Any tips of your own?  Share them in the comments!