OOTN - Culottes

3 August 2015

Lace Up Body - Boohoo (Old)
Boots - Topshop (Old)

I'm having clothes issues at the moment. Basically, I cleared out over half of my clothes (I know, impressive right?) and have sold quite a few of them, but I'm trying to save up money at the mo. So I have barely any clothes and can't really buy any new ones. This makes for zero outfit inspo, or all my outfits being slight variations of each other. I like showing a wide range of outfits on my blog, which is annoying as I can't really do that right now.

Anyway, here's an outfit I'm planning to wear out on Friday night. I treated myself to these culottes because they were in the sale, and UO has 20% off sale items at the moment, so they were only about £17 - bargainous. They're not usually what I would go for, but they are SO COMFY, and I love the print. I also like the fact that they are above knee length and aren't as baggy as most other culottes. I'm not too keen on those, but these I can get on board with.

Not gonna lie, I did wear these out last Friday as well (with a different top). I'm in a clothes drought, okay? Outfits are very limited right now, OOTN's more than anything.


2 August 2015

Not gonna lie, I was debating not posting an Insta Week this week as my Instagram has basically just been mini round up of my outfit posts - and a hat. That, along with the fact that I have preciously nothing to say about my week as it has been extremely uneventful. Alas, I couldn't not post, I've done so well with this little series. I've just had no inspiration for Instagram photos recently. I think it's because I haven't done anything or gone anywhere, so I haven't had anything to take photos of. I miss living in Portsmouth because I can always find something to take an Insta pic of on the walk to town or to a lecture...

I was thinking of posting an updated guide on how I edited my Instagram pics - I always get comments on my photos asking, and since the last one I've slightly changed how I do it. Should I, or shouldn't I???

Blue Jays

31 July 2015

Tee - Toronto Blue Jays Merch (Old)
Belt - Primark

I'm a teeny bit obsessed with ringer tees at the moment, so I was well happy when Lewis was having a clear out and gave me this Blue Jays. I spotted it laying in his room when I went round there a couple of weeks ago - I'm not gonna lie, I was thinking about all the ways I could style it up when I asked to 'borrow' it. Then he asked me if I wanted it because he thought I could wear it as a PJ top. Of course I said yes, but no way was this baby getting demoted to a PJ top, it's way 2 kl 4 dat. I thought it would look pretty cool tucked into an a-line skirt, and I really like blue and camel together.

I've really been loving wearing bigger hoop earrings like these as well recently. They feel so weird and heavy in my ears, because literally, I haven't worn big earrings for years. I usually wear really tiny hoops in all of my ear piercings, but I'm enjoying the change. Thoughts?

More Double Denim

28 July 2015

Jacket - Vintage
Shorts - Vintage
Lace Up Body - Boohoo
Belt - Primark

Even though I don't wear it that often, double denim is definitely a fave of my at the mo. I have so much denim as well, it's like endless denim pairing possibilities. I really like the two vintage denim pieces together as they both have that cool washed out look, and because they are the same colour of denim they kind of  match. The shorts were actually my mum's from back in day. She gave them to me about five years ago and they've been such a staple piece since. I love how they are still in practically perfect condition.

I've also seen lace up body's similar to this one everywhere recently, I love them so much though. I actually got mine a while back, but I've only worn it once. Not gonna lie, I do feel slightly exposed with the completely open back along with open lace up bit around the booby area, but I'm definitely going to have to start wearing it more because it looks so rad on. I think it will be a good one for festivals.