Friday, 21 November 2014

Got ma-self a blazer

Check Blazer - Thrifted
Pink Floyd Tee - NYC
Shorts - Urban Outfitters (Old)
Boots - Dr Martens
Backpack - Primark (Old)
Yin Yang Choker - Topshop
Fedora - H&M

I think the last blazer I wore was a very nice navy blue number, with my bright yellow school logo sewn onto the top pocket.  I don't think it was one of my better looks, but unfortunately, I wasn't one of the lucky ones whose uniform consisted of a comfy jumper.  My school forced us to into a blazer 5 days a week, and they were everything less than flattering.   Man, I hated those things.

And yet here I am, 4 years later, sporting a blazer.  Not going to lie, I did cut the shoulder pads out. Wasn't quite feeling wondering round, like I'd just stepped out of the 80's.  But I am loving the velvet collar, and the pretty colourful check material.  Too be honest, I just love the contrast between the frayed denim/band tee, and the 'sophisticatned-ness'  of the blazer.

How cute is this little Yin Yang choker, as well!?  It came in a set with the flower choker I am wearing in my last post.  Topshop have the best chokers, literally.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Fluff Ball

Fluffy Jumper - Primark
High Neck Top - Topshop
Tartan Skirt - New Look
Velvet Boots - H&M
Backpack - Primark
Cable Knit Socks - Primark
Fedora - H&M
Tattoo Choker - eBay
Flower Choker - Topshop

Channeling my inner 60s chick with an A - Line skirt, and a high neck top.  A very shear high neck top, may I add.  Can't complain really, as it just opens up opportunities to show off little black triangle bras...  

I wasn't really feeling a jacket with this outfit, so on went the king of the snuggly jumpers.  Not going to lie, I may have taken sizing up to a new level with it - to a size 20...  Trust me, it was worth it.  I love how slouchy it looks over the skirt, and how the high neck of the top is still visible.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Primark Duster

 Duster Coat - Primark
Joy Division Tee - Primark
Socks - Nike
Shoes - Primark

I apologize for not posting all week, the stoopid weather has made it an impossible mission to take any half decent photos... #firstworldprobs.  So, basically everyone has this duster coat from Primark, whether it be in the black, or a pwetty colourful one.  I did originally want that grey/pink/cream tartan one that we've all seen, but to be honest, I don't think it would see much of the world outside of my wardrobe.  The struggle of not wearing colour, right?  

Anyone else think it's just that little bit tooooo oversized?  Don't get me wrong, the massiveness has it's benefits - being able to wear big jumpers underneath without being constricted to death, but I do kinda wish I'd sized down to an 8... Maybe something to think about if you're debating buying one.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Deep Velvet

Jacket - River Island (Old)
Snake Print Shirt - Vintage
Check Trousers - Zara
Red Velvet Boots - H&M
Backpack - Primark
Fedora - H&M

I feel like I need to begin by saying that my RUBBISH CAMERA does not capture the full beauty of my new babies.  Chunky Chelsea boots.  With cleated soles.  That are velvet.  VELVET!  Deep red velvet, may I add, and of course my camera refuses to show them in all their glory... The struggle is real.    I saw these in H&M when I was suppose to be hunting down a new fedora.  I swooned when I saw them, and I mean swooooned.  Not gonna lie, I was expecting them to be like 40 quid, but no.  £24.99 they were, how could I say no?  Absolute barg.