Sunday, 25 January 2015


You know them times when you buy a Lush bath bomb, then you realize your bath doesn't have a plug so can't even use it?  Probably not.  It's not fun, I was looking forward to using this Phoenix one so much!  Most disappointing. 

This lilac fluffy top is my fave top right now, which is why it is in half of my Instagram pics.  Last week it was that baby pink and baby blue check roll neck (which I am actually wearing today), that was in like allll of my Insta pics, and now its the lilac fluff ball!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Double Fur

Faux Fur Coat - Vintage
Fluffy Crop Top - Miss Selfridge (Old)
Check Trousers - Zara
Shoes - Converse
Leopard Belt - Primark

I am loving this fluffy crop top so much right now, it's all I wanna wear.  You've probably gathered this seeing as I was wearing it in my last outfit post on Monday.  It's all my fave things at the moment - lilac, fluffy, and cropped and this pleases me.

I did a little freeze while taking these photos.  I've actually been alright with the cold up until yesterday.  I did this last year as well, I'm all like 'yeaaahhh, it's not even that cold this winter' ready to welcome the warm weather, forgetting that it turns into arctic conditions around this time.  Very disappointing.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Don't Fake it 'till you Make it

I dunno about you, but whenever I'm waiting for an interview or in my case, any vaguely stressful confrontational situation, I just hate feeling the anxiety and powerlessness.  Like, it sucks.  Big time.  How good would it be if we could just like, sit differently or stand differently and then go into that stressful situation feeling powerful and leaving with the outcome we want.  Sounds good.  Maybe even too good.. But, I may just have the answer you are looking for...

Last Tuesday I dragged myself out of bed at the crack of dawn, for that bloody 9am lecture that, every uni student dreads.  Yes I was sitting there, eyelids heavier than lead.  I have never in my life fallen asleep in school or uni before, but that could have been the day, I swear.  Anyways, I learnt something amazing that I really want to share with anyone that bothers to read this post.  It's all about body language - not how our body language makes others think and feel towards us, but how it can make us think and feel differently about ourselves.

I'm gonna get all scientific on y'all now.  Being happy leads to us smiling, but it also works the other way round - forcing ourselves to smile makes us feel happier.  In a nutshell, our facial expressions contribute to what emotion we are feeling, just as much as that emotion contributes to what's happening on our faces.

It works the same way with body language - we open ourselves up when we feel dominant and powerful - our testosterone (dominance hormone) is high, and our cortisol (stress hormone) is low.  When we feel insecure and unsafe are cortisol levels are high and our testosterone is low - we close our bodies up.

This is were the 'Power Poses' come into play.  Power poses are all kinds of amazing - just sit or stand with your body opened up, and even after just two minutes your testosterone will shoot straight up, and that nasty little stress hormone will be pushed way way down.

Power Pose - Opening Body Up With Arms In The Air

Okay, they do look a little silly, I'll admit that.  Pop to the toilets while your waiting for you job interview and sneakily Power Pose in secret.  Those other candidates sat there with their bodies all closed up, looking at their phones, reciting their answers in their head, raising their cortisol and dropping their testosterone - they ain't gonna stand a chance against you.

Power Pose before any situation where you might be scrutinized or judged, or you just wanna feel powerful.  Just two minutes!

Power Pose - Opening Body Up With Hand On Waist

But, this all feels fake right?  Just fake it!  Fake who you want to be in that interview, fake who you want to come off as to that person you're so scared to talk to, fake being powerful and confident, fake it, fake it, fake it.  And don't just fake it till you make it.  Fake it until you become it - because you will.

I would really recommend giving this video a watch.  I've pretty much written out the main message Amy Cuddy is trying to get across, but it's such a powerful video and she probably explains everything much better than I have - watch it till the end, you won't be disappointed!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Lilac Fuzz

Fluffy Crop Top - Miss Selfridge (Old)
Spaghetti Strap Top - Miss Selfridge 
Jeans - River Island
Shoes - Converse

I've been loving the whole fishnets under ripped jeans thing that's been going on recently, so obviously I had to have a play around with it myself.  I actually would have preferred ripped mom jeans rather than skinny's, but I have none wah.  I actually think I prefer mom jeans these days...

I love the way the fishnets look over my ankle tattoo's, and seeing them makes me want more!  If I ever find a job, there may be a couple more little ones popping up on various parts of my body... exciting!