Thursday, 18 September 2014

Back To School | Collab With Little Emily Jane

 We all know what September means - the return of school.  Can't say I miss dragging my tired arse out of bed at 6am every morning, but I did have fun putting outfits together for sixth form.  No more uniform.  Yay.  I'm sure you have all been bombarded with 'Back To School' outfit posts, so Emily Jane (over at Little Emily Jane) and I thought screw it, we'll jump on the bandwagon and add to the bombardment.  Why not?

Blanket Cape (Scarf) - Primark
Top - H&M (Old)
Disco Pants - H&M (Old)
Chunky Shoes - Primark

Going in the Autumn direction with this outfit, armed with greys/black and a trusty blanket cape.  Okay, you got me - it's suppose to be scarf, but there's no rules here.  As soon  as I spotted it, I knew I would be wearing it as a blanket cape.  What a soft and cosy £6 bargain that was.

I haven't bought shoes from Primark in years.  I think the last time was buying £3 shoes for school that, without fail, fell apart after 7 wears.  I don''t think these chunky babies are going to be falling apart anytime soon, although they have given me a blister right on the sole of my foot.  Thanks for that one, Primark.

Top - F&F at Tesco
Trousers/Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - Tiffany

Loving the monochrome and chunky shoes in this outfit post, although Emily Jane has opted for a little splash of colour with a pastel pink top - perfect for this AW.  

You can check out myself and Emily Jane's second set of Back To School outfit idea's by clicking here!

Monday, 15 September 2014


Back from Bestival means back to the real world, with a serious case of the Bestival blues.  Yes, my mood has been right down looowwww, and I now spend my hours daydreaming of the hammock filled forest and dancing all night long at The Port.  Reading was the only festival I had ever ventured off to, but Bestival... I can't even begin to type out how much better it is.  Unpopular opinion?  Go to Bestival.  You'll understand.

But back to the real world, also means back to blogging.  After a little two week break, I've got an outfit to show y'all.

Shirt - Vintage
Triangle Bralet - H&M
Jeans - River Island
Slip On's - Topshop
Backpack - Primark

Anyone remember ASOS Marketplace?  I know it's still a thing, but anyone remember ASOS Marketplace before they changed it so only boutiques could sell?  When your average person like me and you could buy and sell all of our once loved pieces?  Yeah, I preferred it back then as well.  I managed the snap up this vintage silk shirt, for a bargain no doubt.  I love the chunks of snake print running down.  I also love tying shirts up at the moment.  I don't know what it is, I think it's because I love being able to wear pieces in lots of different ways, and tying a shirt rather than wearing it loose gives a different feel to an outfit.

Sunday, 31 August 2014


Fedora - H&M
Lee Denim Jacket - Vintage eBay
White Shirt - Topshop
Boots - eBay
Bag - Depop
Chokers - eBay
Skull Necklace - Flea Market NYC

I had a teeny tiny blogging break, anyone notice?  Probably not.  It was unplanned, I have just been super duper busy since Thursday.  God knows how I will manage when I start my third year of uni; I am the worst person for time management.  Someone teach me! 

But today, I am back.  Back with vengeance, alongside my trusty denim jacket.  This oversized baby has seen me through the toughest of weather, to the brightest of days and after it all, I can still say it is one of my favourite eBay finds.  Ever.  The badge makes it just that little bit more unique, and I don't believe I paid more than a tenner.  What a barg.  I'm tempted to add more badges.

I featured these boots in a couple of previous posts, and here they are again, back out in all their glory.  Patent, croc print, cut out boots; what more could a girl (I say girl, I mean me) want?  I do wish they were a little more chunkier, but what can you expect for £13?  Oh, and please ignore the bruise.  I may or may not have drunkenly fallen up some stairs... Classy, I know.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Got Ma Slip-On's On

Fedora - H&M
Chokers - eBay
Skull Necklace - Flea Market In NYC
Shirt/Kimono - eBay
Pink Floyd Tee - NYC
Lace Shorts - eBay
Slip-On's - Topshop

I know what your gonna say - "Alice, but you wore that shirt in your last outfit post".  That I did, that I did.  I'm finding it perfect to throw on as a little cover up, now the weather has taken a turn for the chilly.  The kimono sleeves and pretty darn interesting pattern manage to spice up any old outfit.

Wearing the classic Topshop slip on's because everyone seems to have a pair, and apparently I got too jealous not invest in some myself.  Although, I don't quite understand the blog posts that say they are comfy, because let me tell you, these ain't comfy.  The breaking in has been one long,  painful process, but we are getting there.  One day we'll make it, me and my slip on's.