3 May 2015

Dayyymmm, I completely forgot to post an Insta Week last week.  I'm actually a little annoyed at myself, as I almost went 20 weeks of posting one up every week - was on a roll.  

I met a cute little kitty when I was taking outfit photos with Lewis on Tuesday.  He literally had the softest fur, I swear his owner must brush him like 27 times a week.  I bet that cat gets so pampered, lucky sod.

Sticking with the cat theme, I took the cutest pic of one of my cats paws last week - look at his little claws poking out *heart eyes emoji*.

Just cats.

Also, why is there no unicorn emoji?  I wanted to caption the air freshener photo with 3 unicorn emoji's but there isn't one, what is this?

How I Edit My Instagram Photos | Vintage/Old Photo Effect

30 April 2015

I'm not going to lie, I have become a bit of an instaddict of recent, and I've had a few comments on my Insta Week posts asking how I edit my photos.  I like to try and give them a vintage/old photo effect:

The App In Question: I use Afterlight to edit my Instagram photos.  I know a lot of people use VSCO which is free, but I downloaded it once and it confused my brain.  I think Afterlight is much easier to use, definitely worth that 69p investment.

Brightness & Contrast: I always always brighten and enhance the contrast of my photos.  Some don't need as much brightness and contrast added others, it's really your own judgement of how much you think it needs doing.

Filters: I only ever use either Russ, Leila or Horine (usually Horine) which are all under the Guest section.  Sometimes I use two of these together, and I usually decrease the transparency to make the photo look less edited.

Overlay: Selecting the textures option will bring you to the dust and light overlays.  I like to add a dusty texture, and the only one I ever use is 02, bringing the transparency slider down to around 80.

Grain: Scroll all the way to the end of the brightness and contrast section, and there is an option that lets you add grain.  I always add grain, and I normally slide the transparency slider down to about 75.

And that is pretty much how I edit all of my insta photos.  I think it gives a slight vintage/old photo effect to them, without looking like they've been over edited.

I Made A Cat Friend

28 April 2015

Top - Primark
Jeans - Primark
Mary Jane Shoes - Primark
Eclipse Necklace - Rogue and Wolf

Annnnnd, I only just realized this whole outfit is from Primark...  I was going to wear my black a line button down skirt, but it looked better without tights, and it was way too cold for that on this very windy day.  I like the 90s feel the ripped jeans add to the outfit anyways.

We also made a cat friend.  He had the most evil meow - you know that low pitched meow cats put on when serious cat shit is about to go down, it was that.  Then he started running over to us and nuzzling our legs, so I dread to think how evil his fighting meow sounds. I love friendly cats you meet in the street.

Denim Denim Denim

22 April 2015

Denim Gilet - Urban Outfitters (Old)
Jaguars Tee - Stolen from the boyf
Skirt - Charity Shop
Mary Janes - Primark

How cute are these Mary Jane's I managed the hunt down in Primark?  Weird, because I was looking at buying some Dr Martens ones, and these are such a good dupe.  Thanks Primark.

I also gave the double denim thing ago.  I think the button down skirt and denim gilet work quite well together because they are different types of denim, like the material is different - if that makes sense?It's funny how clothing combinations come into fashion that not long ago were stereotyped as so 'uncool'.  Like socks and sandals.  I do love a bit of socks and sandals though.  I like how the frayed gilet sleeves over the baggy Jaguars tee sleeves give of that whole biker feel.  I need to wear this denim gilet more.