Sheer Black

6 July 2015

Shirt - H&M
Skirt - Urban Outfitters 
*Carrera Sunglasses - Sunglasses Shop

I haven't worn an all black outfit in the longest time. I used to live in all black errything, but this year I've started wearing so much more colour which is cool, but all black outfits are always going to be a fave. This shirt is literally the easiest thing to wear, it's so versatile like it can be thrown on over basically anything. I love how it looks over the top of lace triangle bras, but I also really want to style it over a pair of white ripped mom jeans with some trainers.


5 July 2015

The first half of this week consisted of still being at Glasto having the best time ever, and the second the complete opposite - back home with festival blues and festival flu. Not cool. We had a BBQ on the beach (love pompy for being able to do that), and the sun started to set. The sun setting looks so pretty on the beach there, and I ended up taking a million and one photos, more of which will probably end up on Instragam soon.

I've decided I really want to stay in Portsmouth after summer, literally last night I had so much determination to stay I spent about four hours applying for 20 jobs (I know, fun Saturday night in, right?). WHY DOES JOB APPLYING TAKE SO LONG, DAMN IT!

Peace, Love, & Crabs

3 July 2015

Tee - Depop
Skirt - Charity Shop
Denim Gilet - Urban Outfitters (Old)
Eclipse Necklace - Rogue and Wolf
Sunglasses - Topshop

I came across this awesome peace tee when I was browsing through Depop last week and was pretty tempted by it. THEN I saw that it had this 'Peace Love & Crabs' thing written in massive letters on the back and I was completely sold. Only a tenner as well, thank you Depop.

Further Googling has shown me that it is apparently the slogan of 'Joe's Crab Shack', which I'm guessing is a crab restaurant in America??? Totally repping Joe's Crab Shack in these pics.

Also, I left ALL OF MY BELTS at uni (why do I do this???), so I tied a bandana around my waist as a belt instead - I kinda like it.

I Went To Glastonbury Festival

1 July 2015

There's been way too many Vice articles about Glasto popping up on my Facebook feed, making my Festival Blues even worse!

I managed five photos, all of which are Polaroids, lol. I'm just not one of those people that takes dozens of photos - I kind of wish I was and I did plan to snap a few more pics than this on my iPhone, I just end up having too much fun and can't be bothered to take photos. God damn it.

The festival itself was so so so good. Definitely the best festival I've been to yet, although Bestival comes close behind. One of the people we spoke to has been nine times in a row (wuuuut?!). He told us that Glastonbury is way too big to be able to see/do everything just going once, and he was right. It is literally massive there, and so much too it. Every path you turn down there is some weird shit going down - we had people dressed as grannies sitting on massive shopping trolleys chasing us at one point. They love fire there as well, there seems to be fire everywhere. Glasto is definitely on the cards next year!

All of the stages are the best I've ever seen as well, especially in South East Corner which is the only area open all night. The stages are set up like clubs, with insane lights and DJs playing until like seven in the morning. It's like nothing I've ever seen before, and I want to go back!

Will anybody else be attempting to get tickets in October?

p.s. click here to see some of the outfits I wore!